Beyond the Bumpy Ride and Beyond

Crying over stock portfolio or clutching cash closer to hand for the past two weeks? If not, you’re probably earning in USD, having no exposure in domestic capital market or having camped under a rock.

My modest portfolio took a pretty bad hit along the freefalling path of IHSG last week and I shed a tear over the weakened value of our Rupiah. But I’ve taken, and rebounded from, a much uglier hit during fall 2008 credit crunch. And Indonesia has taken, and rebounded from, a much more dangerous downturn of 1997 Asian monetary crisis.

I was a rookie in the Jakarta office of one of British’s oldest asset management firms, launching mutual funds, a novelty concept then as most Indonesians still confused the term ‘reksadana’ with the government-owned fund management company Danareksa, not lon

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