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How Low Will You Go for Social Media “Views” and “Likes”?

We all have been there. Holding in tummy, reapplying makeup, rearranging dishes on a table, jumping on a mountain, assuming yoga poses on a beach, chasing stray cats in some random street; all in the name of social media posts. … Continue reading

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Women’s Equality and the Silver Screen

On December 22nd Indonesia commemorates 1928 Women’s Congress, where 30 women’s organizations across Java and Sumatra gathered to fight for women’s equality in then Dutch Indies. How after 1945 independence both Soekarno and Soeharto managed to domesticize the day to … Continue reading

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Race You to be Fitter and Stronger!

It’s December again. Time for year-end reviews and next year’s projections, in business and life. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I did start 2017 with a plan to get fitter. I wasn’t entirely out of shape; I … Continue reading

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Teater Koma Turns 40, but the State of Our Theatre Isn’t Pretty

I’d never forget what my parents said when I, a student that summer in Massachusetts, was to make my first trip to New York City. All the way in Jakarta, my parents told me to watch a Broadway show and … Continue reading

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Jakarta Biennale and Museum Macan: A Soulful Treat or Two

Have you ever felt hopeless about the world? Lately, I often have. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un are a few tweets away from nuking each other, the Middle East has a new 4-way conflict, while medieval foolishness make a return … Continue reading

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10th JFW: The Fight for Legacy and Relevance

Time does fly fast. This week Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) turned ten. While a 10-year run is relatively young, considering New York Fashion Week was initiated in the 1940s while the region’s most notable fashion week in Tokyo has run … Continue reading

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Travel: For Fun, or for the 15-Second of Fame?

Earlier this year at Singapore’s Chinatown, a trio of teenaged, backpacking Indonesians walked past me, arguing. The girls blamed the guy for having rushed to book hotel online, since they now saw some hotels charging SGD 5 lower for walk-ins. … Continue reading

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Why I’m Regularly Mad at Soeharto

No, I’m not talking about the events of September 1965, which have since regularly caused heated debates at this time of the year. Not that I didn’t think those debates were useless either, for the record. I get mad at … Continue reading

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Healing Hand for a Humane Habitat

Many moons ago I attended a graduate business school far, far away. Not very many Indonesians then or since, but the global alumni association has done a pretty good job in staying in touch. Back in school we have Thursday … Continue reading

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Art: Shared and Democratized

Picking up from my last column about art merchandises at, among others, 9th Bazaar Art Jakarta, and the frank talk with artist Eddie Hara, I’m pleased to see how art has been further shared and democratized. Launched last year with … Continue reading

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