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Mengurai Lipstik, Tas, Ponsel, dan Pasar

Bila Anda termasuk pengguna aktif Twitter di Indonesia, mungkin seminggu ini perhatian Anda banyak terpaku pada perselisihan tajam antara 2 (dua) akun tentang pembelian dan pembayaran kosmetika asing untuk dibisniskan. Di antara banyaknya komentar yang lumayan sexist seperti “Urusan emak-emak … Continue reading

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Springing Art, With Featherlike Flicks

You know people who always know how to fill their days with a hobby or two? I do. Mom and my old friend Marika. Yet, while Mom has been unwaveringly into reading and gardening, Marika moves from a hobby to … Continue reading

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Digital This, Auto That… Reality What?

(ring) H… hello? Is this dotstoredotcom? Yes. I wanted to buy bandannas on your website but the system kept failing. Whatsapp message me, then. I’ll get back to you tonight. Tonight? You’re available now. (tentatively) Actually, umm… I’m working. In … Continue reading

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Indonesia Fashion Week: Serving Up A Platter

Indonesia Fashion Week kicked off its annual event last week in Jakarta. Organized by one of Indonesia’s associations for fashion and business folks, APPMI, it came on the heels of internal dispute that had seen several senior designers, once at the helm of … Continue reading

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In Madge We Forever Trust

It was all a series of coincidence. I rarely check social media while traveling, but I happened to log into Twitter while on road in October to find people talking about the concert. The concert trip happened to be organized … Continue reading

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The Inglorious, Glossed-Over, Side of Love Sagas

“Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships / and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?” When people talk about the Trojan War, a huge horse filled with enemies often isn’t the only topic on the table. Helen, the … Continue reading

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The Deep and Shallow End of the Fountain of Youth

It started with a swirling rumor and persistent text messages. Yep, juicy stuff coming up, people. Some time ago former colleagues started dishing that a certain former boss had gradually, yet not so subtly, changed her appearance. Leaner, firmer, with a … Continue reading

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Incredible India, Indeed

Last year I spent Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day confined to hospital bed due to nasty dengue fever, caught from a pre-sunrise hike near Borobudur Temple. The funny thing is, while lying in pain all I could think about … Continue reading

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Year 2015: Under the Ever-Engulfing Virtual Spotlight

Has it really been another year? That’s pretty scary, my dear. It’s even scarier when your ups and downs throughout the year are played out under the spotlight. And in these days of 24/7 news cycle on digital media, reverberated … Continue reading

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Fashion and Art, Here Dancing At Last

A while back an esteemed London-based fashion and art writer expressed his shock upon learning from a small group of Indonesian journalists that fashion major wasn’t du rigueur in our art schools. How you could separate the two when fashion … Continue reading

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