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Roaring Asian Tigresses Are Coming

Yes, Ramadan has arrived. Guess who else has arrived? The new coterie of Asia’s top models. (What, we can’t talk about models while observing Ramadan? C’mon now.) Asia’s Next Top Model, one of the franchises spurned from America’s Next Top … Continue reading

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Mengurai Lipstik, Tas, Ponsel, dan Pasar

Bila Anda termasuk pengguna aktif Twitter di Indonesia, mungkin seminggu ini perhatian Anda banyak terpaku pada perselisihan tajam antara 2 (dua) akun tentang pembelian dan pembayaran kosmetika asing untuk dibisniskan. Di antara banyaknya komentar yang lumayan sexist seperti “Urusan emak-emak … Continue reading

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Springing Art, With Featherlike Flicks

You know people who always know how to fill their days with a hobby or two? I do. Mom and my old friend Marika. Yet, while Mom has been unwaveringly into reading and gardening, Marika moves from a hobby to … Continue reading

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The Deep and Shallow End of the Fountain of Youth

It started with a swirling rumor and persistent text messages. Yep, juicy stuff coming up, people. Some time ago former colleagues started dishing that a certain former boss had gradually, yet not so subtly, changed her appearance. Leaner, firmer, with a … Continue reading

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The Misses and Missuses of the World

I was actually out of the country last weekend that I missed the opening gala of the annual Miss World pageant in Bali. But just like most Indonesians, I hardly missed the controversies. Long before Miss World contestants finished packing … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror on the Mall

If you happen to visit the malls and clubs this weekend, look around and pay closer attention. I bet that at least four out of ten women within the vicinity will sport a similar hairstyle (shoulder-length, blow-dried loose curls, or … Continue reading

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The Pampered Princesses of Personal Care

Jakarta, 7 February 2006 Written under Miss Sassy (13) As many things I’ve blamed my mother for, I blame her for letting me know, learn, and eventually getting addicted to the pure joy of being pampered by the professionals. I … Continue reading

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