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Marketing the Motherland

Relax, ultra-nationalistic uber-patriots. I’m not here to sell our beloved Motherland piece by piece as you guys have been gung-ho in accusing many well-meaning Indonesians lately. For those of you Indonesians who have spent enough time globetrotting or mixing with … Continue reading

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Not Just About the News, but How You Break Out the News

What a week! Japan was struck by double earthquake-tsunami disasters, reminding Indonesians of the similar events wiping off over 150,000 people on Aceh in December 2004. The in recent days, Jakartans were again startled by a series of bomb threats. … Continue reading

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The Tragic Mangling of the Art of Public Communication

Indonesia’s has only tasted democracy in the past decade of its 65 years. The first years after the bloody May 1998 riot ripped off Suharto’s 32-year iron tape were marred by one street rally after another where angry groups demonstrated … Continue reading

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