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Patriotically Going On A Spending Spree

A common conversation topic nowadays is how slow the economy has become. Friends in media and show businesses find it difficult to obtain advertisements and sponsorships, pals in fast-moving consumer goods and telecommunications (typically easy to shell out dough) confirm … Continue reading

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Mengurai Lipstik, Tas, Ponsel, dan Pasar

Bila Anda termasuk pengguna aktif Twitter di Indonesia, mungkin seminggu ini perhatian Anda banyak terpaku pada perselisihan tajam antara 2 (dua) akun tentang pembelian dan pembayaran kosmetika asing untuk dibisniskan. Di antara banyaknya komentar yang lumayan sexist seperti “Urusan emak-emak … Continue reading

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Indonesia Fashion Week: Serving Up A Platter

Indonesia Fashion Week kicked off its annual event last week in Jakarta. Organized by one of Indonesia’s associations for fashion and business folks, APPMI, it came on the heels of internal dispute that had seen several senior designers, once at the helm of … Continue reading

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Notes from the Front Row of JFW2016

The weeklong brutality that is Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) last week came to town. Yours truly, mere days after a bruising 10-day sojourn to Milan and Frankfurt, threw herself into the annual fete with much glee and abandon. Sustainability is the … Continue reading

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Footnotes from the Front Row: JFW 2016, Day 3

The issue of sustainable fashion, on the heel of the fast-growing fast and cheap fashion, took center stage yesterday. As someone who’s very concerned about the excess of fast fashion business model, discussed on my columns in The Jakarta Post … Continue reading

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Flying Fearlessly Into the Virtual World

Many say prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. But I sometimes wondered half-seriously, and this shows just how much free time I’ve got in my hands at times, that the world’s oldest profession couldn’t have been in services, but must’ve been in … Continue reading

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Sassy Fashion Beyond Spirited Football

Whenever the word ‘Spain’ pops out, things that typically come to the Indonesian people’s minds are football, bullfight, and flamenco. Some devout Muslims may say something about the 700-year reign of Arabic rulers over Andalusia. The foodies might mention paella … Continue reading

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On Terawangan, Taliwang, and Tra-La-La

  It was a hot summer long ago when the wide-eyed teens that were me and a couple of pals first landed in Lombok. The father of a mutual friend of ours was working there, and we were invited to tour this little island … Continue reading

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The Supermarketization and Supersizing of Things

As I live in the vicinity of Japanese expatriates and general clotheshorses, I’d been hearing for a while that a certain famed clothing retailer was coming to conquer Jakarta by way of the city’s newer shopping mall. So, of course, … Continue reading

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Waiting Longer to Raise My Glass Here

It’s that time again for the collective social pulse when the great alcohol debate rages on, fueled this time by the Government’s hastily-concocted policy to restrict beer retail sales. As happens often in Indonesia’s vibrant society, the public debate has carelessly … Continue reading

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