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Women’s Equality and the Silver Screen

On December 22nd Indonesia commemorates 1928 Women’s Congress, where 30 women’s organizations across Java and Sumatra gathered to fight for women’s equality in then Dutch Indies. How after 1945 independence both Soekarno and Soeharto managed to domesticize the day to … Continue reading

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The Business of Making Memories

I noticed something when a friend traveled with her daughter recently. She noted “making memories” as she posted their travel pictures on social media. I thought that was sweet, and smart. Any grown-up with even the most boring life has … Continue reading

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Chicks Throwing Kicks on Flicks

Chick flicks. As a self-respecting, longtime moviegoer I despise that term, used loosely for romantic comedy, teen drama and musical genres. It alludes condescendingly to movies deemed lovey-dovey, fairy tale-y, or full of visual fluffs without much meat. Though I … Continue reading

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Year 2015: Under the Ever-Engulfing Virtual Spotlight

Has it really been another year? That’s pretty scary, my dear. It’s even scarier when your ups and downs throughout the year are played out under the spotlight. And in these days of 24/7 news cycle on digital media, reverberated … Continue reading

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Wake Me Up When Catwoman Is Not A Cat

For those who inquired my well-being last week after the mega revelation, thank you for being such sweethearts. Yes, I’m fine. Yes, my column didn’t appear last week but no, it was not because the cat lover in me was … Continue reading

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The Soothing Sounds of Spirit

Ramadhan is in full swing, which means the whole caboodle of paraphernalia is in full display—mall décor, endless fast-breaking events and the ubiquitous religious songs on TV, radio, building lobbies and, sometimes, elevators. I’m not sure exactly when the tradition … Continue reading

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Some Salacious Soekarno Saga

“Some people find it hard to believe that Madiba didn’t just fall from the sky.” One of Nelson Mandela’s estranged daughters reportedly uttered that line to a foreign journalist several years ago. Family feud notwithstanding, I could understand where she … Continue reading

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Schemes and the City

A few years ago the Embassy of Japan held a very interesting exhibition of vintage, luxurious kimonos in Plaza Senayan. Displayed grandly in tall, strategically-lit, glass showcases, accompanied with sufficient captions, the kimonos captured the attention of mall visitors across … Continue reading

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The Misses and Missuses of the World

I was actually out of the country last weekend that I missed the opening gala of the annual Miss World pageant in Bali. But just like most Indonesians, I hardly missed the controversies. Long before Miss World contestants finished packing … Continue reading

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The Things We Fill Our Precious Cranium, or Soothe Our Troubled Heart With

For those who read the last Urban Chat and offered condolences, thank you. I found them very comforting as my friend’s body returned to Indonesia last week and I finally got to say good bye and move through my grieving … Continue reading

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