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Local Consumer Brands Going Pro

Earlier this week the bottled water brand Aqua unveiled new visual designs for Reflections, their premium label of the glass bottle kind, teaming up with another creative mind. There was fashion designer Tex Saverio a while ago, renowned artist Eko … Continue reading

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Postcards from Milan and Frankfurt

Supporting one’s country means different things to different people. For Mom, at least this time around, supporting Indonesia on global stages mean physically being there. After some debate she finally put her foot down—so we hurriedly applied for visas, bought … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain, No Vain

“You’re just like my sister. You’d order salad or appetizer, but then you’d nibble on my steak. Get your own steaks, girls!” A man once exasperatedly said that during a dinner out. I rolled my eyes defiantly, for that’s what … Continue reading

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Sushi and Ceviche: Both Raw Fish, But God, Aren’t They So Different

Jakarta, 20 September 2005 Written under Miss Sassy (10) Sushi and ceviche are both made of raw fish, and each is a culinary pride of their country of origin. Both of them had their fair share of troubling me. I … Continue reading

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