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Race You to be Fitter and Stronger!

It’s December again. Time for year-end reviews and next year’s projections, in business and life. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I did start 2017 with a plan to get fitter. I wasn’t entirely out of shape; I … Continue reading

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Deep, Blue, and Keeps Being Hip

“You hail from and live in the world’s largest archipelago, yet you don’t scuba-dive? How is that?” A Frenchman, already a licensed Dive Master then, asked me point-blank over a decade ago. My bellydancing pal Hanna, a diving enthusiast, asked … Continue reading

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Chicks Throwing Kicks on Flicks

Chick flicks. As a self-respecting, longtime moviegoer I despise that term, used loosely for romantic comedy, teen drama and musical genres. It alludes condescendingly to movies deemed lovey-dovey, fairy tale-y, or full of visual fluffs without much meat. Though I … Continue reading

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O Clutter, Beware the Holy Cleansing Month

Some people asked me why in the last column I was being too forthcoming about packing too much fat in my mid-section. They’re in for another surprise for now I’m going to be forthcoming about my other shortcoming– too much … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain, No Vain

“You’re just like my sister. You’d order salad or appetizer, but then you’d nibble on my steak. Get your own steaks, girls!” A man once exasperatedly said that during a dinner out. I rolled my eyes defiantly, for that’s what … Continue reading

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Waiting Longer to Raise My Glass Here

It’s that time again for the collective social pulse when the great alcohol debate rages on, fueled this time by the Government’s hastily-concocted policy to restrict beer retail sales. As happens often in Indonesia’s vibrant society, the public debate has carelessly … Continue reading

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The Dawn of the Age of Hospital Amenities

If you’re keeping up with current health news you’ll notice that dengue fever has returned with a vengeance this year, where Jakarta alone recorded 1,042 cases this year including its Governor and the little me. While Aedes Aegepty mosquito bite … Continue reading

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Pledging the Power of Pink

If I remember correctly, I learned the word “cancer” before the word “menstruation”. I was in second or third grade when a schoolmate was diagnosed with leukemia. She started missing classes before skipping an entire term altogether. Upon returning she’d … Continue reading

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Every Genie Deserves Help to be Free

Woke up on Tuesday to the stunning news of Robin Williams’ untimely passing? Along with millions on this part of the world, I did. No, I won’t talk about his extraordinary talents or stellar career—you can’t fit them in 800-plus … Continue reading

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Clink-A-Dink, For 2014 I’ll Drink!

For those who assume that the title above is an invitation to turn into alcoholism, rest assured that I have no intention to go against the typical New Year’s resolutions to eliminate addictions by creating a new one (although, accidentally, … Continue reading

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