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From the Mouths of Bright Young Minds

Kids say the darnedest things. From the mouths of the babes. This week I bear witness to them. Twice. A private school in Jakarta invited me to share basic knowledge of media and my experiences as a columnist to their … Continue reading

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Mata Hari and Pham Xuan An: The Spies Who Loved Differently

The most intriguing souvenir I picked up during my recent Vietnam trip was Larry Berman’s Perfect Spy, a biography of Pham Xuan An, a journalist working clandestinely as spy during the Vietnam War. Hanoi’s H.63 intelligence network maneuvered to make … Continue reading

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Hot, Hazy, and Heavy Affairs in Between

Sorry, boys, not a column about sex. Carrie Bradshaw does that. It’s about how God-awful hot it’s been in months for all of us, and how inhumanely hazy it’s been in weeks for some of us. Let’s start with the … Continue reading

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Let’s Convict Predators– And Protect Ourselves, Too

I was basking on post-holiday bliss when I stumbled into the news of the sexually molested kindergartener. After choking on my morning coffee I felt the urge to drown the perpetrators in piping hot coffee, or feed them alive to … Continue reading

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As The Boston Bombs Went Off, Muslims Worldwide Held Their Breath…

I worked at a British company in Jakarta right off college. Once, during a watercooler chat that somehow arrived at the Oscar-winning performance of Daniel Day-Lewis in In The Name of the Father, an expat told me that when he … Continue reading

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Beyond the Saga Over Gaga

First, allow me to clarify that I am not and never was a fan of Lady Gaga. I find her public persona and antics overpower her singing, and even, entertaining qualities. However, I’m not her hater either so, Little Monsters, … Continue reading

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Seeing All Red Over Soles: Louboutin vs. YSL

Yes, I’m going to talk about Louboutins. But no, ladies, it’s not about the latest styles or colors. I’m going to talk about the one color that’s been there since the beginning of the brand; the red lacquer on the … Continue reading

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