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A Small Window Into Stately Frames

The colorful state of Indonesia turns seventy-one this month. As countries go it’s not that old, yet thanks to the tragically poor teaching of history, the earlier decades are starting to fade. Many Indonesians don’t quite know their history and … Continue reading

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From ‘Kafir’ to ‘Komunis’: The Bogeyman Lives On

A long while ago I read somewhere that the more diverse a group, the stronger the bond must be created to hold them together as a group. Logical. In the case of The Prince and the Pauper, or Beauty and the Beast, it … Continue reading

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Fashion and Art, Here Dancing At Last

A while back an esteemed London-based fashion and art writer expressed his shock upon learning from a small group of Indonesian journalists that fashion major wasn’t du rigueur in our art schools. How you could separate the two when fashion … Continue reading

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Flying Fearlessly Into the Virtual World

Many say prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. But I sometimes wondered half-seriously, and this shows just how much free time I’ve got in my hands at times, that the world’s oldest profession couldn’t have been in services, but must’ve been in … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Villages: An Urban Girl’s Perspective

Did everyone have a good Eid? Ate too much? Regained whatever pounds you’d shed during Ramadhan? Congratulations, you’re one of many. Many of us also took the time to travel. I spent my Eid with my family across town, but … Continue reading

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