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The Inglorious, Glossed-Over, Side of Love Sagas

“Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships / and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?” When people talk about the Trojan War, a huge horse filled with enemies often isn’t the only topic on the table. Helen, the … Continue reading

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His Version, Her Version, the Public Consensus and the Elusive Truth

Everybody who’s had a lovers’ spat must be familiar with that famous line. Usually, and this is my experiences talking, after gaining timely wisdom one may look back to acknowledge that the truth was somewhere between one’s and the significant … Continue reading

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Lusting After Luscious Lingerie

Oh, I can see some of you rascals grinning already after reading the title above. Defined originally in French as washables and used to describe all types of undergarment of both genders, lingerie took a slightly different meaning in English … Continue reading

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The Snaking and Slippery Ways Into Urban Love Jungle

Oh, did I catch you smirking after reading the title above? Either you’re one of the lucky few who are warmly bundled up in your love nest, or you’re the jaded type who is convinced that love is a myth. … Continue reading

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Of Love, Lust, Light and Life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Which means, the modern society will once again be polarized into the ones who celebrate it, abhor it, or just plainly ignore it. I’ve long excused myself from all the controversies about the … Continue reading

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Make No Mistake About the Ring of the Real Royal Bells

We all have our own escapist distractions. In the world gradually going mad like this, you practically need to escape from rough reality on some self-determined basis to keep afloat. This week many people turned to the British royal wedding … Continue reading

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My Wed Alert: To Be, or Not To Be?

Do you know that age-old children ditty; from k-i-s-s-i-n-g to love, to marriage, then to baby carriage? I spent my childhood and early adulthood believing that it might just smoothly go like that. Looking at my ring-less left finger, it … Continue reading

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Missing in Action: Romance

Romance. n. A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love … quality that makes something appeal strongly to the imagination, and sets it apart from the mundane. (Oxford English Dictionary) I wished for love and romance on my recent … Continue reading

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Et Tu, Brutus? Et Tuu…..??

Jakarta, 14 March 2006 Written under Miss Sassy (14) In our merry, party-filled, adrenaline-pumped single life, almost everything may seem all rosy, though they’re often not. In the days when things are just not that pretty, we take another sip … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Art of Wooing

Jakarta, 8 February 2006 Written under Miss Sassy (11) Oxford dictionary: v. court, seek love of; seek to win, invite. I define ‘woo’ as the art of winning over someone’s heart through actions or words showing how that person means … Continue reading

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