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His Version, Her Version, the Public Consensus and the Elusive Truth

Everybody who’s had a lovers’ spat must be familiar with that famous line. Usually, and this is my experiences talking, after gaining timely wisdom one may look back to acknowledge that the truth was somewhere between one’s and the significant … Continue reading

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Juicy Dishes to Cap the Year: For Better or Worse

How has 2014 fared for you, darlings? To me personally, it’s been an interesting cycle of “out with the old, in with the new” through the year. For better or worse, only time will tell later. But I’m just the … Continue reading

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The Season of Giving… and Glam Garage Sale Hunting

“Jakarta garage sales, where you can buy secondhand designer handbags for a cool 3,500 US dollars.” An expat tweeted that last weekend, and I smiled. For the absurdity of it all, for the reality of it all. The term garage … Continue reading

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Bustling Business on Urban Fringe

Many people have talked about Indonesia’s rising middle class, which some mockingly called the consumer class, and about the bustling businesses coming from its strengthened purchasing power.  Illustrations have invariably included lifestyle choices like mode of transportation, handheld devices, personal … Continue reading

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Gently Gentrifying the Grocers

Sometimes in mid ‘90s a friend moved to Cikajang St. in Santa area. Her civil engineer father, who’d been involved in many development projects, predicted Santa would be the next popular enclave of Kebayoran Baru. There were only some noodle andgudeg joints then, but soon beauty salons and boutiques popped out. Nowadays residential houses on Santa including CikajangSt. have been turned into every commercial establishment … Continue reading

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Eid Is Where You Find Your Peace

“So, where are you mudik to during Lebaran?” The question thrown at me on the last week of Ramadhan by colleagues, security guard, hairstylist and everyone in between. Had they expected an exotic destination as an answer they would have … Continue reading

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Kick And Goal, That Great Equalizer

Raise your hand if you’ve walked around half asleep because of a World Cup match. No? Then you’ve been missing out, darlings. I’m no major football fan, but I was raised by a man who is one, and once during … Continue reading

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Kami vs Kita, in Fully Devilish Swing

Birthday? / Why, you want to send gifts? Religion? / You’re going to send me holiday basket, too? Marital status? / Gawd, are you asking me out?? It was a particularly harried day when I swung by an electronic store … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour, Along the Old Spice Road

I can’t forget the day the International Finance professor, at my graduate business school in the US, used me and a Dutch classmate to illustrate how a particular decision in 17th century carried an everlasting effect to modern Indonesians and Americans. I knew … Continue reading

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Think Globally, Act Locally… Adopt Later, Maybe?

I’m one of those lucky souls who feel I have a home away from home to hide in when life gets too much. Ubud is one of such sanctuaries in this wretched old world for me. Just as I would … Continue reading

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