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The Business of Making Memories

I noticed something when a friend traveled with her daughter recently. She noted “making memories” as she posted their travel pictures on social media. I thought that was sweet, and smart. Any grown-up with even the most boring life has … Continue reading

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Amazing Indonesian Women, Racing On

Like a lot of people who aren’t in denial on how American politics influence our world, I started the week by picking my jaw up off the floor after listening to the video of Donald Trump’s very vulgar conversation on … Continue reading

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Citius, Altius, Fortius! More Prosperous? Hmm…

Rio Olympics was such a welcome distraction. I spent the mornings watching the heated swimming races, evenings with volleyball or weight-lifting, and towards the end going ga-ga over athletics and synchronized swimming. Within the limited free streaming services, I tried … Continue reading

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Kick And Goal, That Great Equalizer

Raise your hand if you’ve walked around half asleep because of a World Cup match. No? Then you’ve been missing out, darlings. I’m no major football fan, but I was raised by a man who is one, and once during … Continue reading

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