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Travel: For Fun, or for the 15-Second of Fame?

Earlier this year at Singapore’s Chinatown, a trio of teenaged, backpacking Indonesians walked past me, arguing. The girls blamed the guy for having rushed to book hotel online, since they now saw some hotels charging SGD 5 lower for walk-ins. … Continue reading

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Evening Out the Odd and Even Numbers

After ‘Brexit’ in the UK and another closer to home during the Eid holiday, it seems like the world hasn’t quite had enough. There was another ISIS attack on French National Day, with a third of victims found to be Muslims; Turkey … Continue reading

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On Terawangan, Taliwang, and Tra-La-La

  It was a hot summer long ago when the wide-eyed teens that were me and a couple of pals first landed in Lombok. The father of a mutual friend of ours was working there, and we were invited to tour this little island … Continue reading

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Fly Us, Ferry Us, Just Don’t Forsake Fairness for Us

What a year-end, wasn’t it? After the solemn memorial for Asian tsunami Indonesia was hit by floods, mudslides, fire… and a tragic plane crash. Many of us travel often or have loved ones who do that whenever a plane goes … Continue reading

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How MH370 Sorely Shows How Far We’ve Still Got to Learn

I was very young, but the memory remains. When Tampomas II sank, one of Indonesia’s worst maritime accidents, Mom carefully explained the basics of the event before sternly forbade me to mention it in my Balinese dancing class. Capt. A … Continue reading

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Putting Into Perspective: Rain, Gridlock, and Election Year

If you’re a Jakartan chances are recently you’ve been held in due to rain outside, stuck in traffic when braving a downpour, or trapped in a flooded area. Some Jakartans have experienced all. Just as our luck, the wired Jakartans … Continue reading

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As They Rob Us Of Our Simplest Grip On Life

As a kid I loved the raining season. Coming home from school I’d happily curl up on the couch by the front window, sometimes accompanied by the tabby cat I kept behind Mom’s back, and we both would watch the … Continue reading

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