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Marketing the Motherland

Relax, ultra-nationalistic uber-patriots. I’m not here to sell our beloved Motherland piece by piece as you guys have been gung-ho in accusing many well-meaning Indonesians lately. For those of you Indonesians who have spent enough time globetrotting or mixing with … Continue reading

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For the Love of Literary

At some point in our lives we all pay homage to something dear and near, like Mom and I paid homage to The Beatles in Liverpool last year, or Dad to Rio’s Copacabana beach the year before (don’t ask). This … Continue reading

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Not Just the Show, But the Whole Experience

When I was living in four-season countries, one of the most awaited events on summers was concerts. As the weather became friendlier for three months, bands would go on many more tours beyond the confine of indoor stadiums. Actually, I … Continue reading

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Ubud: Not Ready for Its Close-Up

I first went to Bali in early or mid eighties. Its beaches then were already festive and packed with tourists from every corner of the world, I actually saw a woman in cowboy hat and boots traipsed along sandy Kuta … Continue reading

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Safe for Now: The Private, Pristine and Pretty Lombok

Jakarta, 17 March 2009 Lately I’ve started feeling that nothing’s preserved or sacred anymore in this world, where everything is as instant and mass as the ubiquitous Indomie noodle, without much regards to due process or uniqueness. Either the world … Continue reading

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