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The Things We Fill Our Precious Cranium, or Soothe Our Troubled Heart With

For those who read the last Urban Chat and offered condolences, thank you. I found them very comforting as my friend’s body returned to Indonesia last week and I finally got to say good bye and move through my grieving … Continue reading

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Come Hell and High Water Indeed

How is everyone? Well and dry, I dare to hope? I live in a high-rise building that fortunately, and quite rarely for Jakarta, is surrounded by enough lush greenery. There’s no flood around us, yet we sadly could see from … Continue reading

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The Fabulous Feline Frenzy

A friend who noticed my column bio has asked why, curiously, I haven’t written anything on cats. I said I’d need a great excuse, otherwise I’d just be babbling on cats in 12,000 words and my editor would send me … Continue reading

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Missing in Action: Romance

Romance. n. A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love … quality that makes something appeal strongly to the imagination, and sets it apart from the mundane. (Oxford English Dictionary) I wished for love and romance on my recent … Continue reading

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Minding the Fine Virtual Line in A Borderless World

Jakarta, 3 December 2008 Some friends and I chatted recently about global recession and effects on Indonesia. One guy firmly believed there’d be none, since there’s no mortgage problem here and most Indonesians don’t invest in capital market. I said … Continue reading

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