Life as Miss Sassy

Many moons ago, I was your ultimate corporate warrior. Power suit (or at least a polished biz casual), clackety-clack power heels, heavily-upgraded laptop and mostly insane schedule. The longest and happiest period was spent with those big name MNCs in the fast moving consumer goods industry, trying to make my mark as the ultimate brand manager.

Yet it was quite tricky to manage that side of life with the writer identity that popped out sometimes in late 2005. You see, I wrote about my life (still do). And I figured it’d be hard to have my musings on boys, bling, shoes, or stupid men at bars, published on a Sunday, and to ask in a budget meeting on Monday some additional USD 150K to the expats who might’ve read the musing just the day before.

Hence, Miss Sassy was born.

In all fairness though, one expat, the darling Finance Director no less, eventually managed to guess out one day when he overheard me during lunch telling a colleague something that had just made it to The Sunday Jakarta Post’s front page on previous weekend. Loudmouth me, indeed. Ha.

Nevertheless, Miss Sassy had a good run for a couple of years, telling her tales with a sass and much abandon. To take a peek, click here.

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