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Yep, you saw the word ‘book’ on the title– but no, I’m not the author:) I only got the privilege to participate for a year as editor-cum-cheerleader to the author and friend, Felicia Nugroho. Felice is the eldest daughter of the late Sukyatno Nugroho, founder of restaurant & fast-food chain “Es Teler 77″, the first Indonesian food franchise that started out 28 yrs ago literally as a mom-and-pop kiosk. The book is Sukyatno’s biography and history behind the rise of Es Teler 77, that now boasts 180+ fast-food outlets & 8 restaurants nationwide, 5 branches in Singapore & Melbourne, with presence later this year in Malaysia and Jeddah. The title ‘Prinsip Disini Senang, Disana Senang” borrows from the famous children song, “Disini Senang, Disana Senang”, which translates to “Happy here, happy there”, or as Sukyatno’s favorite interpretation during his life, “I’m happy, you’re happy”.  
It all started from one phone call right after I landed in Denpasar for the 2nd Bali Spirit Festival on April last year, which led to a series of hours-long working sessions throughout the year, in addition to a trip to Pekalongan (an old port town on the northern coast of Central Java province) to retrace the steps of the Hoo clan, where Sukyatno Nugroho (born Hoo Tjoe Kiat) hailed from as the 6th generation Indonesian-born Hoo.
I didn’t know why Felice asked me to help her, and frankly I still don’t :)  As I told her in the beginning, I’d never edited anything besides my own writing, so what good would I do to assist her, a first time writer herself. Another major challenge was that, to better reach the intended audience of SME/start-up local business folks, the book was to be written in Indonesian– while, as you all know, I write solely in English, and Felice herself spent half of her life overseas, for which English is the prominent language in her daily life. To top it all off, to honor her father’s signature informal/laidback demeanor, the book was to incorporate animations– not that my voracious reading of Garfield, Peanuts, Tintin and Cathy would count either. There were days when I joked with her, that it felt almost like a blind leading a mute.
But as the saying goes, when there is a will, there is a way. For us, that included me poring over Indonesian grammar books and Felice consulting with two other friends, real-life editors in media scene (phew! from me). And the morning before I boarded my plane to Denpasar to attend the 3rd Bali Spirit Festival earlier this year, I emailed Felice my last editing. For the hopeless romantic in me, for which the annual Bali Spirit Festivals hold such deep meanings for the past few years, I couldn’t help noticing how poetic the circle was closing in. Yes, call me a sap :)
The sometimes sappy girl in me is mostly thankful, as I told Felicia when the book finally was launched 2 days ago, for having been invited to ride along on this wonderful ‘growth’ journey, where not only I got to see a daughter lovingly carried out her late father’s last wish to write a book detailing his business experieces, I got to watch this daughter breaking out of various comfort zones and emerging as an author, standing proudly in front of the crowd of 200+ people in what would’ve been the dad’s 62nd birthday, telling the tale of her dad the inspiring businessman, in the deceptively simple Indonesian language. So while friendships can shift dynamics as you go through life– hubby, babies, biz, whatnots– I know that Felice & I will always have the book …       
Told ya I’m a sap!
“Prinsip Di Sini Senang, Di Sana Senang” was launched on Aug 3rd, 2010. Format: hybrid of texts & animations. 306 pages, B/W. Available in Gramedia chain and other major bookstores nationwide. Official website:
Interview of Mrs. Yenny S. Widjaja Nugroho (Felicia’s mom, current head of Es Teler 77 enterprise) at the company’s 28th anniversary:

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